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We offer Czech ice cream

During the summer, the whole life is refreshed with something delicious, such as just a draft ice cream. We offer you a draft ice cream made according to our special recipes, which are tailored to the most demanding of the most sweet tooth. Our products are produced only in the Czech Republic and therefore we can guarantee quality and especially excellent taste, but even long lasting.
We are newly looking for new distributors of our draft ice cream. If you are interested in your aunt, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly. Our draft ice cream is becoming a bigger and bigger competitor thanks to our accuracy and reliability of our employees, who enjoy this work especially.
For all ice cream lovers
Draught ice cream is designed for everyone, but all of them, lovers of icing. We offer you both fruit-sorbets and creamy ice creams. If you are a customer who is accustomed to preparing ice cream in the traditional way, we recommend dry powdered mixtures.