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Need more storage space?

You have a DIY home that still solves: where to go with them? With screws, nuts, grinders, tongs, saws, plywood… Do you have a box full of its "junk", which is constantly buried everywhere? Give thanks to our idea! Our racks will help to keep the "Binec" of your DIY in check.
If you decide to equip your DIY racks, you should not even announce it in advance and try to surprise it. If he agreed, the purchase would probably look like he would have visited the nearest hardware store alone or with your nice assistance, grabing the first rack to see and take his home. However, you know the man-handed, not the DIY-everyone is characterized by a specific characteristic-they do not like to buy.
Surprise your DIY-buy him a rack!
You can handle it. As for a cautious and saving creature, a bookshelf will be chosen for you. Feel free to write to us and we will call you back! The shelves feed us.